About us


Full-Service video podcast or vlog production company


Podcast concept

Produce your own podcast or vlog to accomplish your business goals, because this is the easiest way to turn your executives into thought leaders and boost business . If we want to produce 124 pieces of content, we need the presence of a company’s CEO for just half a day. 


The rest is on Podster..


Creative design in every detail

We designed the process of podcast and vlog production and management to require a minimal investment of your time. Our team will prepare everything for you to effortlessly run the interviews during one day of shooting. Everything else will be handled by us!

Producing Growing Managing for over a decade


Growth in with our service

Video production alone is just one part of the communication process. But how do you reach your audience and achieve your business goals with the video? Poddster co-create the entire production and distribution strategy with clients. Based on that, we do all the groundwork that will empower your storytelling by identifying and communicating with key stakeholders, guests, and speakers, and organising everything for your company.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Singapore, Republic of Singapore