Video Podcast

First specialized video podcast production studio in Singapore

Do you struggle positioning your business as an industry influencer?
Do you struggle producing relevant content at scale?
Do you struggle connecting with your ideal clients?
Do you struggle getting your business a necessary brand awarness?


Video Podcast
In Singapore

First of its kind, Poddster is the video podcast production company that will help you conceptualize, produce, manage, and grow podcast for your brand.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or have an existing podcast, we can help.

One single relationship can change your life. But what if you could create right relationships, with the right people, repeatedly?

What our clients have to say

How Podcasting Helps Your Business?

Network growth

Podcasting is the most efficient vehicle for growing your network with meaningful relationships.

Strong Relationships

Hosting your clients, partners, and industry influencers helps you build strong relationships with them.

Thought Leadership

Turning your executives to podcast hosts is the fasts way of building their thought leadership.

Increase Pipeline

78% of all Poddster guests eventually led to a warm lead with a significant impact on the pipeline.

Content at Scale

For only one day of recording, produce 150+ unique pieces of content to engage your audience.

Outreach Efficiency

Replace cold sales outreach with a warm podcast invite and see 10X improvement in results.

Podcasting is the easiest way of growing your network with meaningful relationships, while increasing your industry influence and producing relevant content at scale.


The Change Officer

We are proud to say we are the producers of one of the leading podcasts on business innovation and transformation in the Middle East – The Change Officer podcast.

We are a full-service video podcast (a.k.a. vodcast) production agency, offering you a one stop shop for all your podcasting and vodcasting needs.

From podcast concept and strategy, podcast recording and post-production to guest management and podcast marketing and distribution.

If you want to launch, distribute and grow your own podcast, or you are just looking for a podcast recording studio, contact us. (we have studios in Dubai and Singapore).

If you want to learn how to start a podcast, check our video tutorial.